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A short video illustrating my path and reasoning for taking this artistic path. I began this journey in spring of 2003. I soon discovered that the technology had advanced to a point where things that had once been only possible for large visual effects companies could now be done in the comfort of your home. I studied how corporations marketed their intellectual properties through comic books, video games, animation, and toys. as an avid collector, I became dissatisfied with the variation in quality and the likeness of character products from the major brands. I wanted to create a pipeline where the assets no longer had to be outsourced to produce animation, toys, or video games without deviation from the original art. Thus enabling the creator to take full control of the his or her product. I knew the learning curve would be a huge undertaking but I had a goal that needed to be accomplished in order to share my vision with the world. With these multiple displines, I'm able to create assets that can be used for several different mediums while maintaining the original look and feel of the character.