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Screenshot of captive portal text.


A captive portal is the page you often see prompting you to agree to Terms and Conditions before using a guest WiFi network. The text and the WiFI network itself are the only visual evidence of the piece. The text reads: I brought my sculpture To the Museum of Modern Art I leaned it against the wall To see how it would feel To be “in” MoMA I promise to take it with me when I leave Welcome to MollyeNet! MollyeNet is a WiFi network occupying space as an artwork in the Museum of Modern Art. At heart, MollyeNet is about longing and visibility, not subverting cultural gatekeepers. But it feels good to do both. MollyeNet operates by imitating MoMA WiFi and thus cannot exist outside of MoMA. MollyeNet does not interfere with the operation of MoMA in any way, except to live in the designated space of approved art without approval. Read the following terms and conditions, then click I Agree to proceed. Enjoy MollyeNet.