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2017, TRT: 3:36 (1:00 Excerpt) Single-Channel Video Installation 40" x 54" x 8" Participants: Leah Michaels, MJ Neuberger, Parastoo Aslanbeik, Bryan O'Neil, Mark Durant, Aimi Bouillon, Mitchell Noah Working with a group of student volunteers and faculty, I decided to explore the Brutalist / modernist eccentricities of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus. In that environment, we generated a series of performance intervention based on my drawings which both accentuated as well as defied the formalist space's intentions. They also wrote their impressions of the spaces in that physical environment, which I later recorded. The final video is an installation with forms and disruptions, that aim to mimic and reflect on the corporeal nature of the Brutalist experience. The physical installation in a corner of a white gallery space references the bifurcation of body so commonplace within the physical modernist structures.