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Arches, National Park, Southwest, Landscape, Landscape Photography, Photography, Milky Way


On this morning, I woke up at around 2am and the stars were out and I was excited that things were lining up to catch the Milky Way and Delicate Arch together. After hiking up the trail in pretty much darkness, I arrived around 3:30ish, which gave me a few hours to play with Delicate and the Milky Way. This is where things got fun. I had been working on stacking images over the off season in preparation for capturing the Milky Way on this trip (to be able to capture pinpoint stars and remove noise in post). So, I started my game plan. Cranked my ISO to 12,800 with f/2.8 and 8 seconds (to keep the stars pinpoint). I captured stacks of between 5-10 images throughout my time with Delicate and the stars. I also would end each sequence with a longer 2-minute exposure at ISO 3200, to get some detail in the foreground, then would capture a 25-second exposure at ISO 3200 (just in case the stacking didn’t work out). Final 10-image stack was combined of the Milky Way. And I then blended the 120-second image of Delicate Arch to bring out the details of the foreground.