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Southwest, Milky Way, Sunrise, Landscape, Landscape Photography, Photography, Arch


This scene is the closest to a real Yin Yang type moment that I’ve ever experienced in my photography career while in the field. It started in the midst of darkness, while enjoying the flow of the Milky Way arching perfectly over the small cliff-side arch. I connected with Mesa Arch almost instantaneously and although my presence at the location was for just a small moment of time in this world, my heart knew I was sharing this view with many others spirits who’ve stood or will stand directly in my footprints throughout the history of time, both past and future. It was an amazing night scene whose energy and beauty chiseled a memory directly into my mind. But, then time happened and the twinkling stars and Milky Way began to fade and succumb to the morning light. The light built and eventually the sun burst upon one of the most beautiful scenes my eyes and heart have ever experienced. At that moment, I was torn, the beauty of the present, does it overcome and succeed the moment experienced in the past, just an hour or two ago? How was one to judge which was better, which was more beautiful. Right then, the feeling and desire began building deep within me to try and transcend the time between the glorious Milky Way above and the arrival of the sun on the horizon. And this image is my vision of that moment.