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The Greek Nubian Collective is a musical group of cultural proportions! Brought together by Sahffi Lynne for an Artscape performance in 2013, the group continues to perform at numerous venues and festivals in Maryland, DC and New York City. Greek native and international instrumentalist, Spyros Koliavsilis, joins forces with Sudanese Nubian artist Mosno Al-Moseeki to bring you a performance like no other. The audience is taken on a musical journey across the Mediterranean, as they sing songs from Greece and Nubia. Their performances allow their audiences to see and hear a range of exotic and beautiful instruments like the Kamanes, the Oud, the Tar, even Guitar & Djembe. You will hear songs in Greek, Nubian, Arabic and English, all blended together to create cultural harmony through music. The Collective is: Spyros Koliavasilis (Greek/Mid-East Instruments & Vocals) Mosno Al-Moseeki (Tar/Guitar & Vocals) Sahffi Lynne (Djembe/Guitar & Vocals) Jonathan Fell (Djembe/Tabla & Percussion) Website: