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This segment is a fun little "Intermezzo" from the show that features the character named Destinie. You'll notice her mask, hers is more prominent than most of the other girls' masks. This is not by accident. This character, who's mask is in the likeness of a baby, is actually trying to cheat in the competition--- she, (like the others, you'll find) is not really a little girl. Actually, she's an adult! But she's missing something special in her life, something that she only had back when she was much much younger. Played by the expert in timing, Ms Tia Stokes, you can see how the mask she wears really thrives on stage when she is in direct address wit the audience. The mask training was central to our production because masks require a different size and carriage on a stage than boring old bare faces. They need bodies that amplify time, rhythm and space. In this production, the masks were also metaphor for the characters and their presentation of themselves to the world- they all wore masks to hide their true selves because each of them, and each for his/her own needs, wanted to get what being a little girl offers.