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Lost Earring (2017) explores how our cultural touchstones shift over time while considering the evolution of his own queer sexuality and transgender body. Found materials and cast plaster sculptures of familiar plumbing implements revolve around a projection of an isolated clip from the 1996 movie Bound by the film-making duo the Wachowski siblings. As two disembodied hands endlessly tighten and untighten the hidden plumbing of a bathroom sink, this charged and repeated gesture questions the role of function and aspiration in relation to the queered body. Through the use of light, objects, and moving imagery, Lost Earring re-imagines the commonplace setting of a bathroom in a queer and trans context -- where bodies and minds are often flooded with emotions from terror to desire. Installation view- Blue LED light bulbs, looped projection, found bathroom stall, cast plaster objects, found ceramic soap dishs, glass vials, ink, cottonseed oil, testosterone 2017