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Symphony Number One was featured at Light City 2016. For the composers, we ran a recordings session where I recorded, edited, and mixed tracks for each of the composers new works. Those recordings were given to the composers for use on their own websites and marketing themselves. A big part of my work at Symphony Number One is to provide composers with the media they need to further their careers. It's an integral part of the orchestra. These recordings get thousands of plays, and every one has been recorded right here in Baltimore. Recording sessions like these can be complicated. A collection of new premieres will often throw specific challenges the way of the engineer - some of the pieces want a drier, close sound, while some of the new works demand more reverb. I had set up as many as thirteen microphones in this situation, including spots on percussion, room microphones, main microphones, woodwind spots, etc. In some of the recordings I used all thirteen. For some I can reduce it down to only two. You only get a chance to capture those sound waves once!