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Here, on Providence Island where the first boats carrying African Americans from the North American continent brought former slaves, there is the nation's one and only stage. Built by one of the nation's rulers 25 or so years ago, the stage and the island itself, have been abandoned and unused for several years now. At one time, there was a large celebration on this island for the incoming president. This stage hosted dancers and singers. Liberians making their culture amplified. But since the civil war, this has all stopped. The last 8 years of Liberia's history have been ones of fundamental change, a rebuilding time. But with limited resources financially for infrastructure like roads, sanitation, clean water delivery systems, and without a functional tax collection system in place, even without debt to world power countries like the USA, Liberia is not likely to strengthen her commitment to Liberian cultural arts practices. Some visual art education, such as drawing and painting, exists at the university level. But so far as we can tell, no other arts training but B4 Youth Theatre and one other 'arts camp' exist in Liberia.