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'Liberation (Athene, Nymph of the Sea)' (2019-2020) mixed media assemblage: shelf/objects:  11 x 16  x 3.5 inches; collaged print: 10 x 8 x 1 inches silk screen print on canvass re-assembled on wood suppot: a photograph taken through an expanded version of French Knitting is silk screen printed (in two sizes) onto canvas using black ink on a pale turquoise background. cut up and re-assembled on a wood support, the holes of the knit appear as-if-objects floating in space woodworking off-cuts, sea shell, plastic framed mirror, plaster on woo): found objects are assembled on a shelf next to an impression in plaster of a string bag. woodworking off-cuts serve to place the objects at relational height to similar forms in the associated reassembled silk-screen print