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"Reality meets fantasy… meets highly evolved alien lemurs!? Mr. & Mrs. Magoo’s Traveling Trash Puppet Circus proudly presents The Lemurian Solution: Your Interactive Evolution on September 6, 7, and 8 at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG). <br><br> Many believe that deep inside northern California’s Mt. Shasta resides Telos, a five-dimensional crystal city of light beings – survivors from the ancient continent of Lemuria waiting to assist in the human evolution. Numerous people have experienced and recorded supernatural experiences on and around the mountain, including UFO sightings, strange lights, and vivid visions. During Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2012, Mt. Shasta will be "relocated” to PMG’s incredible labyrinth. Now, for the first time ever, the walls of the mountain will be opened to the public to visit and explore! Led by the ring-tails of their Lemurian guides, participants will weave through the "crystal” hallways to experience a rainbow of interactive stations where their sensory evolution will take place from the feet up. Even if you have visited PMG before, you’ve never seen it like this!" - Mr. and Mrs. Magoo's Traveling Trash Puppet Circus <br><br> Costume Design by Naomi Davidoff. Lemur tails, helmets, accessories and costume lighting by Samantha Hyman. <br><br> Samantha Hyman - High Priestess, Ranger (Co-director, puppet and set design). <br> James Ryan - Ranger (Co-Director, puppet and set design). <br> Sonni Schwartzback- Blue Lemur. <br> Ada Kulezsa-- Green Lemur. <br> Andrew Benrubi--Red Lemur. <br> Ktty Sharman-Orange Lemur. <br> Jackson Kay - Lighting Design. <br>