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painting rag shirts, acrylic, painting, painting rags, sewing, thread, putting pieces back together, making a painting, shirts, t-shirts, sleeves, colors, paint, cleaning brushes, recycling, repurposing, painting history, wearable art, wearable paintings


2 weeks before my father died, it became difficult to get T-shirts over his head and my mother cut the fronts for easier access. In this shirt, I created something to honor his transition, using a stone wall to describe his dying process. Stones are laid strong and firm. They protect us and mark where we are. Over time, stones fall down changing the shape of the wall. There is also an image of a lion on the front of the shirt. My father's last name (and mine) Pierleoni, means "father of the lion." Painting rags reassembled and sewn back together, acrylic and thread on cotton fabric