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"Eat Choco·Pie Together" Take a Bite for Peace, Art for Healing, Koreas Unite! On September 14, 2018, the Korean President Moon Jae-in and the First Lady Kim Jung-sook came to Eat Choco·Pie Together, participating in the art by "taking a bite for peace." The artist Mina Cheon (천민정) explained to the President, that "the art is meant for the audience to eat for the sake of healing divided Korea" and requested if he would do the honor to Eat Choco·pie Together for Korean unification and global peace. The First Lady was the first to pick one up and they both participated in the interactive art, demonstrating their loving support for "a new beginning (새로운 시작) and love (Jung 情) between the two Koreas" as those words are written in Chinese and Korean on each individual wrappers. Moon and Kim's meeting today is highlighted with a ringing media slogan of "A New Future" for our Koreas, with hope for building peace and prosperity in our peninsula.