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Two sleepers with whimisical and frightening characters in the environment. Jonah's whale holds them afloat. High key colors and textual paint, scraped surfaces and hidden images


"Jo, Jon Floating on Jonah's Whale", was first painted early summer 2003 while Maj and I, took advantage of the interim session for former fellows. He saw me struggling with the lower right corner close to the whale eye. Often he just sat and observed while I painted. Oddly, I did not feel self-conscious. I told him that the painting was inspired by a photo of my two children taking an afternoon nap. But, of course, the story is so much more. I frequently return to my paintings when I want to improve an area. In 2014, I reworked Jon's hand and arm. Ragain's responsive poem is "Contents of the Whale’s Belly, Grounded Off Race Point, Provincetown, Cape Cod, June 2003"