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'Jealousy (Athene and Arachne)' (2019-2020) mixed media assemblage featuring childhood French knitting doll, light cages and over-painted photographic transfer print on canvas (gesso, ink and acrylic on canvas with recycled yarn, two light cages, knitting doll, construction string and painted wood) dimensions variable (knitting cage: 12 x  8.5 x 6 inches; painted print: 10.25 x 8 inches) a photograph taken through an expanded version of French Knitting is reproduced in print. whilst new (old) forms are found within, recycled yarn adds the possibility of renewed tension from outside / a childhood knitting doll constructs a thick and strong rope, formed as it (now) rises from four points of diamond tension. produced inside a re-purposed 'light' cage the cumulative weight forces loops of the rope outside without purpose or function