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Description Thank you to my Executive Producers (subscribers) who support this ongoing work. After 23+ years of making my living as a performer, it's time to contemplate what's next. The pandemic brought to the surface a feeling I've long had that performing live is amazing, but the work (ever constant hustle) that is required to bring live performances (even streaming ones, now) holds no appeal for me. I want to transform my relationship with creativity and bring it to the forefront, not just something that I do at the end of the list or "when I have time." On the first day of 2021, I made a promise to myself to document myself every day, specifically to make a piece of visual art of how I am "seeing" things that day. To increase my skill level, I wanted to combine this with digital collage making, animation, and sounds. This would mean every day I could photograph, draw, record music pieces, and edit video. I crave a routine that puts an arts practice first, rather than promotion. My intention is to keep this practice going as long as I can this year and to combine the results weekly, monthly, and then in a year, to have a full film of my efforts. Here is week ONE, Days 1-7.