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84 x 40" (image size) Chinese ink, watercolor, acrylic, gouache on Mulberry paper, suspended from a wood dowel and an American Eagle door knocker. I imagined the B-side of “It is Rumored” as a remembrance of massacred Native Americans who unwittingly arrived for an "interview” only to be killed by colonists. There is a court record documenting the trial of a pirate who murdered four seamen. The pirate was tried, condemned to death by hanging and his body was left to rot at Bloody Point. I imagined the bounty of The Bay and its surrounding land. Crab and Rockfish literally leaped out of its waters, oysters covered it shallows. The surrounding land was verdant with timber, fertile for farming and of course, the tobacco cash crop, which made many planters wealthy and drove the economy for the enslavement of Africans.