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Iran>Turkey>Germany 1985 Bus, Train & Plane Nilou & Naseem G. (Mother & Daughter) Ages of Departure: 15 & 42 Below is an Excerpt from personal account of migration submitted "My daughter Nilou was 15 when I decided I had to get her out of Iran. It just wasnâ??t safe anymore for young girls like her. There was so much that could go wrong at any moment. The threat of being arrested for talking to boys, not wearing the covering the right way, so many ways to get in trouble for a teenage girl. When I decided to leave Iran with her, I did not to tell anyone. Not my own parents, not Nilou and not even her father, my ex-husband. It would have just been too risky. I spent a year saving money to pay for our trip to Turkey. I packed what I could, taking cherished photographs of family members and friends, a few jewelry items perhaps to sell, and lavashak, Nilouâ??s favorite snack. We took the plane to Istanbul and lived there for four years. The proximity to Iran was both comforting and not. "