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Iran>Pakistan>US 1994 Walking, Motorcycle, Bus, Plane Hadi, G. Age of Departure 27 Below is an Excerpt from personal account of migration submitted "It seems like a distant past, a past so vastly different from where I am today as a graduate student in the US, a past I feel proud of, a past I feel ashamed of, a past I must rememberâ?¦ I have been waiting for over three months to hear from the smuggler who is supposed to arrange for my exit over the south east border of Baluchestan region from Iran to Pakistan. Excruciating timeâ?¦I have sold or given out almost all my possessions including a collection of over 400 videotapes of cinephile arty films as I have gathered through underground sources and many read and unread books, etc. etc. The time finally comes. I have already spent good chunk of my saving to pay the smuggler and have almost $ 50 with me. I say goodbye to family, my sick father, my exhausted mother, my sisters, friends, relatives, and take a few possessions and a memory with myself. This is a revolution in my economically impoverished family. This is touching the abyss; the bitter sweet fantasy of a poor Third Worldist is realized. I know how to hide myself. As a Bahaâ??i I have had a life behind me to master the blending strategy. Smugglers pick me up and hold me for three days before sending me over the border on the back of a motorcycle. Before crossing the border, I bear with their opium smoking but we also talk."