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Invasive Ecologies (Biotech Silo), 2015 Paper, ink, adhesive 16" tall x 5" diameter Biotech Silo plots fifteen consecutive years of data pertaining to the pervasive use genetically modified corn seed for production. The sculpture is in the form of a raised agricultural grain storage silo, an element ubiquitous with large-scale agribusiness farming. Architectural complexity achieves a stratified interior and exterior cylinder. An annualized, comparative data representation represents the massive adoption of genetically engineered corn seed since 2000. Annual data is visualized clockwise around the silo and vertically up the walls in two overlapping layers, which overlays harvested acreage with the percentage of biotech acreage. The interior cylinder plots the data for harvested acreage. The data is represented as thin curvilinear rows, growing upward and separated by year. Each vertical column indicates the number of harvested acres, in millions from 2000 - 2015. For example, in 2013 87.45 million acres of corn were harvested and in 2014, 83.13 million acres were harvested. The overall percentage of biotech hybrids is marked numerically upon the overlaid exterior grid, which also functions as an indicator for millions of acres. The vertical and horizontal grid lines are 1/16" in width and ⅜" x ⅞" increments. Each vertical increment denotes 50 million acres of corn harvest, moving vertically from bottom (at zero acres) to top (at 90 million acres). Numerical percentages associated with data Biotech corn planting is plotted upon the exterior cylinder.