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Wall installation of nine paintings with colorful compositions on white backgrounds by Farida Hughes


Each of my "Blends" paintings display a composite portrait of the layers of an individual’s cultural and ethnic background, based on stories that I solicit and collect from friends and acquaintances. I respond to the anecdotes collected as I create each of the abstract paintings. This series began as a way to unwrap my own multicultural (South-Asian Indian and German-American) background, and subsequently grew to celebrate the unique blended-ness of each person contributing a story, and the effects of historical moments that the narratives inevitably present. Beginning the project in 2017, I continue to collect stories from new people, and grow this community of Blends. Using my abstract visual language in this way I aim to celebrate and value human difference. My artwork involves ideas of crossing boundaries, blending experiences, and celebrating a universal wholeness even through difference.