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Inheritance of White Silence. In this project, based on my own 3 year (and lifelong) process of reflection and conversation, I am excavating the ways in which I as a white person am complicit in the system of white supremacy through internalized psychological and behavioral patterns. In Inheritance of White Silence, I embroidered a set of white linen napkins from my grandmother with symptoms of internalized white superiority. A second set (pictured here) was cut with statements about ways to resist these patterns, to reduce harm and also to stop the cycle in the next generation of my family. This cut piece, which says "Release of control," is paired withe the embroidered statement "The Desire To Be Perfect." The premise of the project is that in addition to material benefits, there is a psychology of white superiority that is unavoidable for anyone in America, and that we need more avenues to understand and uproot it; and that alongside structural and financial reparations, investigating and undoing this legacy is crucial to disrupting and ultimately ending the caste system of race that we live within. Photography by Tanya Garcia