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Uses found objects from around Howard Co.


While a skull is a reminder of our mortality it is also a symbol of transformation and change. The bird skulls, in different states of decay, symbolize the need to maintain our relationship with nature and keep it in balance. While I embrace all things ancient in my artwork I try to find ways to balance this with contemporary life. To this end I usematerials from my everyday travels as inspirations in creating. Here, for examples, the eye sockets are created usng a bottle car fond in Old Ellicott City (outside the Judges Bench) on the darker skull and this is balanced with a bottle cap insert (found outside my house in Elkridge) on the lighter one. The surface textures of gesso, gel, and paint are combined with other found natural materials to immortalize them. version 2. This balanced composition encourages viewers to be mindful of nature. My materials, processes and images are symbolic. I use found objects such as bottle caps and twigs from a local town, Ellicott City, MD. This old city suffered two devastating floods symbolized by the decaying skulls. I create the bird skulls by slow layering of gesso to build up vloume and texture. The clock, also from the floods, represents time and balances opposite a biodiversity spiral. The central pathway connects all.