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This was a fun and interesting project. A Colorado gallery put out a call - the gist of it is this: A deck of cards with prompts for creating a project. My cards were: color – single color; structure – single sheet binding; technique – low tech; layout – based on historic example; text – self generated image symbols; paper – multiple colors. Adjectives – layered, poetic, issue-based, descriptive, instructive/decorative. As my work is singularly focused on interpreting a game of Scrabble, the content was a shoe-in. The single sheet binding along with a layout based on historic example gave way to creating an oversized "map" of this game. I used a Turkish map fold for each page, glued back to back - hence the chapter opens like a pinwheel. On the reverse of each page, I used wood block letters. The title of the book - those five letters were left at game's end. The subtitle is the score of the game. Once the chapters were complete, I designed a box that would flap open like a game board. A very challenging process and very satisfying result!