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Frontal View, Fabricated Wood, screen printing on the severed table, Three-tiered Egg Tempera Painting on the floor, hanging Screen Printed Fabric and lace, Stacks of Hand Printed Papers,1"X4" for the Interactive Part of the Installation, (not shown), Milwaukee Art Museum, 2010. This site specific and interactive mixed media installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum is entitled, I am Iran I am America. The only artwork that I have made which symbolically deals with my difficult journey from Iran to America 43 years ago, but also deals with the most heinous crime the Islamic Republic of Iran has committed systematically and regularly since 1979 which is the executions of prisoners of conscience and children. The focus of this installation is on the political relationship or lack of between the USA and Iran. Both countries ignore the gross human rights violations that take place daily toward people of Iran especially women and girls under the patriarchal government.