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Hymn to the Fallen includes two parts. Hymn to the Fallen( Part I) is a virtual reality piece that the singular encounter of virtual reality experienced through HTC Vive VR headset is transformed into a collective experience by connecting the VR headset and HD projector. This VR space is chaotic, multi-layered, and lacking an origin, and the floating memory of the Wenxi Fire of 1938 meets the virtual reality experience which echos the last line of Hymn to the Fallen( Part II): Memories are like digitalizing physical beings/They are Real/They are Virtual/They are Virtual Realities. Hymn to the Fallen (Part II) is a 13min 25sec video piece narrating the process of using photogrammetry in making virtual models of four architectural structures in Changsha, China. Paralleling with the narration of making virtual models, the memories of the Wenxi Fire of 1938 attached to these four buildings sneak into the narrative.