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chairs, (9) The 2 rocking chairs, the folding chair, and dining chair from the cottage ( circa 1900), great grandmother Smith's favourite rocking chair, the important rocker (circa 1880), the 2 Nagle family Hitchcock chairs ( circa 1840), the Watson high chair (circa 1870), the financial reports from 1914 – 1929, vinyl, polyfil, clamps, needlepoint, gimp, tassels, glue thread 180” x 38” x 30” ( approximately) DESCRIPTION: this piece had been on my mind for some time. It is a self-portrait, specifically relating to my spine. The poufs were representative of the degenerated discs in my back, that have been collapsing for the last 15 years, and, the clamps are representative of the actual hardware that is bolting me together from several surgeries, holding me together. I continually look for comfortable places to sit, yet the irony is having all these family chairs that are not necessarily pleasurable to sit in and feeling some compulsion to keep them anyway. These chairs have been stacked upon one another for years in basements and attics and moved around the country for well over a century, it seems only fitting to pay homage with this monolith. (the title of this piece is taken from Triumph of Faith, 1840, a book owned by my great great great great grandmother, Elizabeth Follmer) 2017