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EZ teether rubber 1931, vinyl, tassel, thread Willie's toddler glass 1868 Watson family chair parts and the saw that cut them, both circa 1880 horn mustache comb circa 1850 an important shooter 1895, glass eyebrow comb circa 1880 civil war hymn book book that weathered the 1889 flood Altered photographs of my great grandparents, great uncle, and great great uncle, great great grandparents, 23karat gold leaf book given to Mary E Nagle in 1852, then annotated for young ladies 1922 by her before she died dirt from 1300 20th Ave, gathered, 1986, 23 karat gold casters from family furniture that I might still own Photographs of the family furniture I have deconstructed and some that were saved from the axe and a few other things I've not yet described here but you may just want to look for 120” x 252” x 8” DESCRIPTION: This piece builds on my genealogical tree. Each "shelf" and riser is built from apiece of one of the chair parts that were owned by my family. The photographs are my ancestors, faces forever protected, and preserved with 23 karat gold because the memory of them became more powerful than the knowledge of who they really were. Each item on the shelves is also from the family hoard and represents a particular family members, all leading to one object, the important shooter.