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"VALHELLA: The Ragnar√łkkoperetta is the third feature-length rock opera from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. A dreamlike depiction of the end of the Gods, VALHELLA follows the journey of three crippled sons of Odin as they are tempted and twisted by the progeny of Loki. Using massively-scaled puppets, hand-drawn animation and the most amazing fantasy sets Baltimore has ever seen, these demi-gods will enact their fate to a power-metal soundtrack, annihilating the minds of all who gaze and initiating the foretold apocalypse! From the cloud-realms of √Üsir to the bowel-churning depths of hell, prepare yourself for ecstatic fits of epictude!!!" For more information, visit Baltimore Rock Opera Society <br><br> Costume design by Naomi Davidoff<br> Costume Assistance by Jen Tydings, Emily Slaughter and Susannah Horrom<br>Makeup by Laura Schneider and Danielle Robinette<Br> Directed by Aran Keating and Jen Tydings<br>Set design by John Marra & Joe Martin<br>Lighting Design by Chris Allen<br> Har, Kar and Ivar played by Keith Becraft, Ryan Dunne and Robert Bradley<Br>