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On this morning on the waters edge of Trillium Lake, I set up in front of a couple of larger boulders to help give some interest to the foreground and welcome the viewer into the scene. I'd been photographing the reflection of the mountain since before the sun first rose, when two folks arrived to put in their canoe for their morning adventure. So, instead of packing up my tripod and gear, I waited it out and as they launched into the water, I snapped away, capturing them breaking the glass reflection on the lake with some calming ripples. As a side note, this capture is another reminder to me to always work together with the people who are with you on your photograph outings, as this lake and/or any location is not yours just because you get there first. I greeted these two as they unloaded their gear and even though I knew they were going to break the perfectly glass-like water, I was okay with it as I had been photographing the scene for quite a while at that point. But, then they apologies and I could tell that they felt sort of bad that they were going to create ripples within the water and my shot. I responded with, "Not a problem, go have fun” … However, I worked with them and then asked them if they could do me a favor. If they could start off by rowing directly at Mt Hood … They did, and it helped finish off this image and gave me a strong mid-ground element that balances well with the reflection of the mountain.