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In Pyongyang this September, the South Korean President Moon Jae-in spoke to the North Koreans about reunification and how “We had lived together for 5,000 years, but apart for just 70 years…” – It’s time to walk the extra mile for unity and peace. He also walked the Mt. Paekdu with Kim Jong-un. As a global Korean political pop artist, who makes art known as "Polipop," Mina Cheon (aka North Korean Kim Il Soon) presents this pair of "Global Peace Shoes” to promote Korean unification and global peace. Also known as "Reconciliation Shoes" or "Unification Shoes," the shoe project is a part of her ongoing global art activism work that advocates for positive change, especially supporting loving exchanges between North and South Korea to impact peace on earth. Join the artist today by Sharing, Following, Favoriting, Liking, or Walking the Peace Shoes. #minacheonstudio The Global Peace Shoes project brings awareness about the Koreas and its relationship with the world, and how steps towards end of war, cooperation, and unification can help shape the future of global peace. Artist Mina Cheon believes that the day of crossing the DMZ in these shoes is not far away, and by walking in them today means participating in the global performance of – stepping forward together, united, one foot at a time – towards peace. And, that we can’t walk or move forward together without the other.