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“Full Bloom”, an entirely woven evening wear collection designed by Naomi Davidoff, utilizes synthetic fiber and discarded plastic to resemble a shell of living beauty. The collection features floral masquerade ball gowns inspired by 18th, 19th, and 20th century silhouettes. Naomi views the 21st century as having unexplored potential for Baroque fashion as dependent on synthetic and recycled material. The collection comments on the longevity of synthetic materials in a rapidly changing environment. In celebration of Spring 2014, this series of decadent gowns was created to remind its viewers that discarded materials should always be used to create, not to waste. <br><br> Collaborating artists and performers include costume assistant Kristie Winther and performer Amanda Rife. These gowns were created custom for the Walters Art Blooms Celebration, April 5, 2014, where these three performers will be transformed into poised living statues for the cocktail hour of the event.