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wood & copper, 24"x6"x6" This is made from a piece of locust wood that one evening in a moment of anger I slammed against an old log many times. I did this so I didn't direct my anger at those I love. A few days later I happened to look at this piece of wood and saw how my beating of the wood had split it into 4 quarters. There was some thing in this that spoke to me. After pondering on this piece of wood for a few days I decided to transform what was started in a moment of anger into something of beauty. First, from heavy copper wire I made 2 tightly fitted rings to keep the top of wood from splitting any further. I then meticulously crammed and jammed copper wire into the cracks forcing the wood apart. As I continued down I forced more and more wire into the split apart spaces until I reach the bottom where this 2" limb had now spread out to 6". To complete the piece I manipulated the wire at the base into a round pregnant type form that only touched the ground in the middle of of what now became the 4 wooden feet.