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Waterfall, Winter, Frozen Waterfall, Snow, Ice, Maryland, Landscape, Winter Wonderland


It was an amazing winter wonderland. It had been extremely cold for several weeks in a row during this particular winter and we were lucky enough to be off on our annual trip to the western part of Maryland to relax with our great friends. We took a break from sitting in front of the fire to get some exercise and we took a small hike to see how the falls looked within the freezing temperatures. And it was awesome. We were all completely amazed when we first saw it. Massive frozen chunks everywhere with the water still flowing through the iced-over window of the falls. It was a scene directly out of Narnia, but we were in it. You could also walk over the river, as it was completely frozen over. However, the water was still flowing under the solid chunks of ice, so I didn’t spend much time on that section, but instead nestled up to the bottom the falls with the view almost straight up into the frozen wonderland.