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I chose this picture taken by my aunt (Margot Howard) as she was driving around St. Joseph, MO, our home town, to introduce my poem (next frame) because I think it is heartbreaking and desperate and funny (if you don't laugh, you will cry) in the way that we are often absurd as humans. I love the way "Derrill" is spelled. I love the all-out-at-wit's-end voice of the speaker who made this sign. I love how even the pole of the sign is used as canvas for the speaker's message: "No Tresspassing." "Derrill," it seems, would have To trespass to read the sign. I am a writer exactly like the author of this sign. I am just as desperate. But her piece has found its form: a sign in a yard in the Midwest, my childhood home. My poem about form that I think this picture illustrates is in the next frame.