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200 years of Watson family furnishings, clothing, objects, photographs, drawings, linens, furniture, utensils, ephemera ratcheting straps, letters, documents, fabric, , polyfill, thread, steel, vinyl, gimp, magic, jute strapping, staples, glue, hardware 120” x 378”x 450” (variable room dimensions) DESCRIPTION: follmers fourth defluxion was a site-specific installation made for an exhibition at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. It was new work made during six weeks and part of a continuing series of works derived from my family's artifacts, furnishings and remnants accumulated and subsequently left in my care from the past 200 years. Honoring my family as I continue to understand how to make room for history and my own genetic predisposition to possession while I make work that consumes the overwhelming number of seemingly underwhelming historical artifacts my family painstakingly preserved to keep itself remembered full room installation at The Walters Art Museum, 2014