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"Even though the Ebola outbreak has been contained in parts of Africa like Liberia and Ghana, some survivors of the Ebola epidemic are now dealing with exclusion and discrimination in their local communities. According to an article on, many survivors return home to find their possessions destroyed. Fear and miseducation in local communities make it difficult for Ebola survivors to find work...

...Since the Liberian Civil War, an educational disparity was created between the younger and older generations. According to the 2014 demographics profile posted on, over 60% of Liberia's population are aged 24 and under. The plays {with B4 Youth Theatre} help the B4 executive committee make adjustments to the outreach curriculum. The goal of this work is to help bridge the gap between younger and older generations in Liberia."

PDF icon FIGHT THE STIGMA, article in Liberian FRONT PAGE newspaper about our project