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Excerpt from HT Darling's Incredible Musaeum (Submersive Productions, 2017) Role: Co-Director (Performance) with Lisi Stoessel and Susan Stroupe. "The Mastodon Scene" is the culminating scene of the two-hour devised, immersive production of HT DARLING'S INCREDIBLE MUSAEUM. This scene was the first time all the characters and audience were in the same space, where all the narrative threads came together for the end of the narrative of the two protagonists (Trustina Sabah's Aku Maxilla/The Humanoid Specimen & Sarah Olmsted Thomas' HT Darling). Although the show did not end here, the largely wordless movement sequence was very much felt as the "climax" of the show. This scene was also the culmination of months of collaborative ensemble work; it was collaboratively choreographed, using content and research from many different parts of our process. My role, as Director of Performance, was to organize how the piece was being choreographed, giving structure and guidance to the performers to make sure we were telling the story we wanted to tell, that we were deeply investigating what the end of the narratives of our two protagonists would be, what we wanted to leave the audience with, and how we could convey the whole narrative using only bodies moving in space, gestures, and a giant mastodon puppet. Additionally, we needed to add a small bit of text from the character of Aku Maxilla, and I worked with the performer Trustina Sabah to help her clarify and essentialize what her character wanted to say. Watching this scene every night was one of my favorite aspects of being a part of this production--I am so proud of the immense collaborative efforts of everyone on the HT Darling team.