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11x14" watercolor on watercolor paper Featuring: peacock skull hyena jawbone child gorilla shoulder coffee based beadwork and leaf pattern I was truly about due for some work for the sake of it. This piece, as well as an ear and heart full of sound council, helped me to realize that I have to remember to focus on my need to manifest my experiences into a trail of aesthetic bread crumbs and a deloping rapport with human-ness tinged feels. I'm remembering that when I'm in the right vibe, when I'm fully in it and doing it because my relationship with it is flourishing, then I feel it in my whole body. My hands will sweat and my fingertips will corse with electricity. My lungs fill with tornadoes and my heart pumps lava. I can't forget that I have magic like this inside of me. I always need to remember to keep a space for the hurricanes I can manifest. I can't forget that juju like that will absolutely find it's way out.