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Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra ( This Land Is Your Land) , 2016 - On-going Multimedia : Video projection, spray paint on wood, foam core, soundscapes, assorted sand and dirt from various border sites, found clothing articles and belongings, yucca flowers, seashells and candles. Dimension vary according to space *Installation view at The Baltimore Museum of Art *Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra (This Land, Is Your Land) is an on-going immersive multimedia installation focusing on the US-Mexican border and the lives it affects. The exhibition held at BMA in June 2018 - August 2018 featured research data in the form of moving images, photography and found objects gathered from the border itself, spanning its entirety; from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. Research and Materials were gathered by Erick Antonio Benitez in the Winter 2015 & Summer 2016 by traveling to numerous border sites along the S. West of the US and Mexico.