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63 x 127 inches oil on canvas, women wrestling, Myth Ariadne, distant seascape, copulating bull and woman


"Epic Wrestlers" is one of the last paintings from my solo exhibition, "The Other Story". Go to project "The Other Story-Ariadne Heroine" The exhibition re-envisions the mythical story of Ariadne, the brave daughter of the Cretan King, Minos, who demanded the sacrifice of youths and maidens to the half man, half bull beast, the Minotaur. For love, Ariadne risked her life and thus enabled Theseus to slay the raging Minotaur who then escape the Labyrinth. This myth may be unfamiliar to today’s viewer but its ancient story of love and betrayal is still relevant today. Theseus abandons Ariadne but I re-imagine the heroine as a victor in love, a young woman who draws strength from her intimate female friends and herself. “Epic Wrestlers” depicts the flip side of intense loving relationship between women. The strong muscular wrestling implies the unending competition and struggle over the objects of love and desire between women and within self.