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Enculturation Machine: Or, the Way Mummy Talks 2015 Durational Performance. Description of Performance: The artist circled the space about three times. He then sat down on the floor with his back to the audience and started to pull his own hair and cut it with a pair of scissors while occasionally looking at the mirror in front of him. The artist followed this action by picking up a marine blue book and started to read a creation myth in an unknown language, original to the work. He translated the poem every couple of lines. After the artist finished reading and translating the poem he started to mummify himself with originally print bundle of cotton fabric. As it became impossible to complete the mummification by himself, the artist asked for assistance from an audience member who eagerly finished the mummification. The artist lay on the floor of the gallery mummified for approximately 2 hours. MAP (Maryland Art Place) Baltimore, MD. Photo Credit: Dan Meyers