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“Double Barrelled Double Speak” 16x20” ink and watercolor on watercolor paper 03/2017 She is a representation of the Green Tara and wearing a pink liberty crown in the vibe of the pink womens’ march hats. I wanted the empowered action of both the entity from Buddhism as well the crowds of women demanding to move forward that day in this image. The event helped many, including myslef say, "I am someone of worth, I am not simply the leavings of some hungry monster, I do deserve fulfillment and respect." Her hand mudras represent the teachings of cosmic order from the heart. In this iteration it speaks of fundamental goods to work toward outside or above the rhetoric of policy or social habits. In this I work to express seeing the silliness as it is in all ways and actively moving oneself and those of one’s realm of influence toward correction and clear, respectful order. “++Gucci” is a play on the Double speak used throughout the world of the book, 1984( Ex: “Double plus good”), to restrict thought or the communication of thought with the simplification of education and language. Here, it’s to say that we already live well within a system of doublespeak and propaganda. Either with continuously simplified or disconnected forms of connecting as humans to the various intakes of media all feeding someone the daily programming, we all can relate to and acknowledge the almost opiate like quality of the collective influence of modern society. Identifying the pattern of the programming allows an individual to be less programmed and more proactive about their intake of such data. A goal of this piece is to take it a step further and hope to incite responsibility of the participant to actively put out positive data, or authentic content, greater than what is being broadcasted into their realm of influence. The red scarf is a symbol of a citizens devotion to the party doctrine of chastity, in Orwell’s story. The character “Julia” uses the red scarf on her waist to hide/play at her highly sexual behaviors. This character wears it in a similar fashion, as to say she “will not be grabbed, will not be moved, will be equally free to make whatever decision she feels fit about her sexuality”. This is a proclamation I often need to make for myself as well and is likely a reason why I found such a connection with these subjects. The eye ball flowers are the cameras of big brother, the ever watching eye, as well as the internal pressures of conformity within society. Even if someone has a full social circle and are effectively “counter culture”, one can still face great judgements and pressures to fit within the mold of their collective. Even if it isn’t outwardly imposed by the group, an individual can often times take such judgements upon themselves. So in this work, I include the view of big brother with the imagery of the green tara to express a necessity for compassionate action upon or from these critiques. For me, if I’m insecure about my role or the appearance of my role in society, I can lovingly take the time to study more great innovators of culture and be inspired to apply ways that their paths can illuminate mine. If I’m feeling personally inadequate or scrutinized, I can help myself with an exercise or action that nourishes myself as an individual.