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Pregnant with my third child, I auditioned for Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3 Hosted by Roseanne Barr. Still not certain of my "comedic voice", not yet a proclaimed "Indie-Mom of Comedy"; this is the actual reel from my audition as the executives journeyed across the country auditioning over 300 moms/comediennes, and hopefuls. From here; I was tapped as a contestant on the show! *Note, the Art of Stand Up, charges a comic to repeat the same content until there is fluidity, impeccable timing and universal response. Therefore, many of the forthcoming clips will have variations of the same bit/story/joke; please make allowance for the repetition. Commonly referred to as "working-out". Liken to the "workshop" experience of a theatrical piece.