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Within his wonderful soul Keithroy Maynard was one of those human beings that plant and seek to harvest a small patch of earth on which kindness, compassion and love would grow. He wanted to save children, men, women, from the inferno that fire ignites. Undeterred by challenges and hardships Keithroy Maynard achieved his dream and became a firefighter for the New York City Fire Department, and a member of the Vulcan Society. This valiant man, Keithroy, Pearl Maynard's son, left behind a twin brother, Kevin, an older brother, Vernon, and a seven year old son, Keithroy, Jr. The names are necessary because each one is part of a link that ties members of a family together. When Keithroy was killed on that infamous September 11, the link broke and the strength that each derived from Keithroy was gone. Each member of the Maynard family will have now to deal with their own sorrow and also give hope to one another. In doing this they will also keep alive Keithroy's memory and honor him as they continue to pursue their dreams for a more peaceful world.