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DAREDEVILS still, dance scene by Stephanie Barber


Actor Kimsu Theiler in final dance scene of DAREDEVILS. The writer, played by KimSu Theiler, returns home after a long day and dances in the backyard. Her dance moves between silly and sublime, sorrowful and joyful. After jogging The Writer returns home where The Musician is recording the vocal track for a song he has made with his recordings in the woods. “Hey birds, will you all fly away? Hey birds, will you all fly away? or just nestle, further down nestle further down?...” The song is repetitive and contemplative and The Writer watches him sing for a short while and then goes into the back yard (where the music changes from diegetic to non-diegetic) and dances a dance of wonder, futility, joy, sorrow & surrender on the nighttime lawn of an American home.