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Dancing Forest


Anchoring the 2017 Artscape Charles Street Trail July 21-23, Dancing Forest was a kinetic environment of inflatable trees emblazoned with trail markers identifying Baltimore’s many classic places, features, and customs. Participants were encouraged to walk among and explore the the animated trees as they undulated in the sky. Up close, one found an array of urban trail symbols, such as benches, snowballs, bikers, and buildings. Internal LED illumination of the sculptures allowed nighttime exploration. Combining spectacular movement with urban wayfinding symbols, Dancing Forest created an exciting, playful environment inspiring participants to continue exploring Baltimore’s many intriguing places. Dancing Forest July 21-23, 2017 Artscape Charles Street Bridge, Baltimore, MD Submersion printed nylon, blowers, felt, LED lights, grass, website 20’ x 45’ x 200’ Project partners: Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, Station North Tool Library