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Text from Song Post: Week 39: Crazy Love (written and uploaded October 19, 2012) This one poured out of me like a river this morning. It was written in about 15 minutes, with some tweaking during the recording. I was going to add bass and shaker and other things, but decided to keep it super simple and raw. I’m not sure if the title should be “Crazy, Love” or “Crazy Love”. I guess I’ll leave it up to the listener as to when and where to put the comma :) I put off writing this song for about 4 weeks, but didn’t think anyone (ahem, my subscribers) wanted to hear it. I had to remind myself of one of my rules for the project: That I would not care if the subscribers liked it or not. It’s out there now... and I’m done with it. I played my Mya-Moe Flying V.2 and sang. Side Note: This song was re-recorded for the 2013 album, Key.