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11x14" ink on watercolor paper - 02/2015 This is a positive rendering of a succubus, often referenced as a consumer of dreams. With this in mind I combined a variety of dream eating imagery with her to empower the character as a totem of sorts. She is as much a representation of my fear of wasting creative energy as much as she is an angel to help me utilize that inspiration properly. I made her as an attempt to begin wrangling up idle thoughts and lost dreams, as to help me recycle such juju. The baku, or dream eating spirit, is made of roses, each color with their own meaning from the Victorian language of flowers. Bakus are often used to consume nightmares, like the dream catchers, but the baku can be overused and begin consuming the dreams of the individual, as well. This necessary restraint is to illustrate how I struggle with either spending too much time trying to learn from and edit what's happened or looking far into the future and fretting over if I'm reaching for my capacity for greatness properly. Both ends of the spectrum tend to be egotistical energy sinks, but in understanding the ends I can work toward achieving a sort of balance in the middle. purple: enchantment burgundy: unconscious beauty orange: fascination pink: grace white: heart unacquainted with love